What is Alipay?

What is Alipay

Aliexpress has been the answer to all of your shopping prayers. You can go hours on end browsing through all of our numerous categories and endless lists of products and we are certain you will find what you are looking for as well as finding fun and unique products you did not even know existed.

Aliexpress has brought innovative and unique products to your doorstep since its founding back in 2010 by the Alibaba Group. Our service motto is to last for at least 102 years being the core supplier of high-quality products to all of our customers around the world and connecting you to global merchants who are more than willing to satisfy your high expectations.

In order to achieve this, Alipay ( which works like Paypal) has been used for over six years now ensuring fast, easy, and safe electronic payment services to all of your Aliexpress purchases. Additionally, Alipay guarantees to make your purchase payment until you have received and are fully satisfied with your product’s order. Equally important, Alipay does not generate any additional transaction fees nor the special escrow service described above. At Aliexpress, we just want to assure all of our 400,000,000 customers satisfaction!

1. Every purchase gets a confirmation email to ensure an individualized service.
2.We will never release your credit card information with third parties.
3.100% guarantee of any unauthorized payments generated from your user’s account.

1. Fast, easy, and safe electronic payment services.
2. Escrow services, your purchase payment will be made until you have received and are fully satisfied with your product’s order.
3. No additional transaction fees.

Now you can be sure all your payments are secure,

Now you have no excuse why not to buy in AliExpress.
Visit our shop and check what’s new.

With love,

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