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We all know about the yoga leggings and tops. But there is more to Yoga gear than a good pair of pants.

These items will help you take your practice to the next level!


1. Trapeze Yoga or Yoga Swing

If you are into Aerial Yoga, which is a yoga class where you complete the poses suspended in mid-air. This swing is perfect to use in your home or even in your backyard! The main base is like a normal hammock, which is the part that you can sit on. On the side of the main hammock you find the three straps with easy grip, one short one medium and one long. You find that it comes with an slip-proof ropes and quality metal hooks. This Yoga Swing helps to lengthen and strengthen your spinal column top to bottom.

The price on stores range from 89 USD – 199 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 43.05 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Yoga Swing 


2. Acupressure Yoga Mat

The acupressure therapeutic massage mat not only helps you to practice yoga poses on this mat, it also fits in with your healthy, holistic lifestyle beyond your physical practice. ACEVIVI Acupressure Mat has 6,210 acupressure points for immediate back pain relief while the Neck Pressure Pillow has 1,782 acupressure points for neck pain relief and stiff neck treatment.

It uses acupuncture techniques for self-healing and relaxation. Acupressure shares the same lineage as Acupuncture – both are ancient Chinese healing therapies.

The acupressure sensation of this mat causes the body to release waves of endorphins which will make you feel good, releasing natural chemicals that boost your mood and also work as effective natural painkillers.


The price on stores range from 50 USD – 119 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 21.42 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Acupressure Mat 

3. Cork Yoga Mat

Lightweight original Cork Mat. We all need an eco mat and cork is a renewable and environmentally friendly. It dries up super quick and also comes with closed-cell foam backing. This makes you have a dry mat in just a few minutes after your yoga practice.

You get a great grip with cork and plus it’s antimicrobial so it repels germs. So you can practice as long as you want knowing you won’t slip.

This is because this mat offers excellent traction dry or wet, it gets grippier as you sweat. It helps to mist it with water where your hands and feet go for the ultimate traction and a slip-resistant practice.


The price on stores range from 99 USD – 120 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 14.46 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Yoga Cork Mat 

4. Meditation Cushions

Meditation cushions help achieve proper spinal alignment so we can stay centered and focused during our meditation practice. This cushion is handmade from straw and cotton filling.

Lightweight, and easy to transport. This cushion is comfortable and durable and offers such a unique and diverse look from more traditional meditation cushions.

The price on stores range from 30 USD – 50 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 9.41 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.



Tatami futon meditation cushion

5. Non-Slip Hot Yoga Mat Towel with pockets

The first time I went to a hot yoga class… wow! I was sweating like crazy. This towel is perfect for your hot yoga practice. This towel is a must have easy to throw in the washing machine and have it ready and clean for your next practice.

SUPER ABSORBENT – Made with ultra lightweight, moisture wicking hygienic microfiber.

PROTECT YOGA MAT –  yoga towels create an effective barrier between you and your mat.

NON-SLIP – This hot yoga towel has four stability pocket corners keeping it steady and slip-free, even during the most advanced poses and routines


The price on stores range from 30 USD – 45 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 18.39 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Yoga Towel

Want to practice at home? You can see a full Hot Yoga Practice here:


6. Yoga Wheel

The Yoga Wheel is lightweight making it easy to take around, it’s also sturdy and durable and can support up to 300 pounds.
The padding around the outer parameter of the wheel is made from a material that looks and feels similar to a yoga mat, this is ideal for traction (both on the surface you’re practicing on, as well as for your grip on the wheel itself).


Package weight: 1.758 kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 32.00 x 32.00 x 13.00 cm / 12.6 x 12.6 x 5.12 inches
Package Size(L x W x H): 33.00 x 33.00 x 13.50 cm / 12.99 x 12.99 x 5.31 inches

Package Contents: 1 x Yoga Wheel

Poses to try out:

Yoga Wheel

The price on stores range from 80 USD – 105 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 28.18 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


 Yoga Wheel 

7. Lightweight Yoga Sling


This is a lightweight portable yoga Mat bag carrier. You can take your mat easily with this sling plus it has storage for keys and ID. Perfect if you don´t take too many things with you to your practice.



The price on stores range from 50 USD + Shipping


Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 12,77 + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Lightweight Portable Soft Cotton Sling 

8. Yoga Nightlight


Just to add some decor to your meditation space or yoga studio this night lamp is perfect to add soft light anywhere you want.

The Yoga 3D LED Illusion Lamp is a combination of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion and plays tricks on the eyes. From afar, you will see the design, but as you get up close, you see a thin acrylic glass sheet that’s completely flat.


The price on stores range from 60 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 14,26 + Free Shipping Worldwide.


3D Yoga Meditation Night Light


Would you add any other to the list?


Working in the yoga business surrounded me with great people who have a different point of view on life. I can say that all my yogi friends made my life better. Aliexpress has a great variety in Yoga Props and Items at great prices. Please make sure you read all descriptions and delivery times before you purchase.


Happy Shopping!


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