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What makes a good Sports Bra?

We all know a good sports bra can set the mood of your practice routine.
Whether it’s Yoga or running a good sports bra is an essential when working out.

It is not at easy to hold up against high-intensity workouts, sprinting, boxing and spinning, especially when you are doing it for the first time or after a very long time.

In Aliexpress you can find a good selection of sports bras. We have made a good pre-selection of the ones that can endure high-intensity workouts or calm yoga practice depending on your cup size your needs might change. Plus they have great design and style to make your look complete.

The best sports bras let you move freely, there are different types of Sport-Bras, running bra, shock absorber bra and high impact sports bras that are used to get the best support and protection during heavy works and workout regimes.

Here are some of the Bras we have picked for you.






1. Neoprene
2. Newspaper Style
3. Mesh Style
4. Low Impact
5. Zumba or Cardio
6. Back Support
7. Universe is yours
8. Back Detail
9. Seamless


I hope you like the bra selection we have made for you.
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