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Enjoying wearing an amazing comfortable outdoor workout outfit is as great as wearing those delicious trainers while working out, shopping or doing every other daily activity, because let’s accept it: they are so soft and comfortable for using them all day long!. Though there are more items that you can take with you for an outdoor workout that is both fulfilling and fun, that’s why we share with you these 8 Trendy Chic Outdoor Gear Accessories that will help you enjoy your outdoor workout experience even more!

8 Outdoor Sport Gear Accessories
1.An activity Tracker or Smart watch

If you love tracking your improvement, and or you would like to know how many steps you took to or how you are performing and burning calories throughout the day then this is a must have Gadget to get you in the mood for outdoor activity.

The price on stores range from 35.98 USD – 2000 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product now for 17.99 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Smart watch activity tracker

2 Resistance Band Strap 4pcs
They are in this summer! if you want to increase muscle resistance training with one of these resistance bands you can work on stretching warming up, booty workouts, lower body, chest, to improve muscle power and flexibility and enjoy a few variations of exercises.

The price on stores range from 5.99 USD – 10.99 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product now for 4.24 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Fitness Outdoor Gear Resistance Band 

3. Smartphone Arm Band

This sportband is perfect when on the move, it helps you take your favorite tunes while doing your cardio. A good protection is ideal when you have a good smartphone you don’t want to ruin while doing sports. Keep it safe with this amazing Smartphone Arm Band.
The price on stores range from 99 USD – 120 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Smartphone Arm Band 

4.Eco-FriendlyTraining – Yoga mat s

This amazing Training- yoga mat will be your favourite outdoor gear accessory, it’s not only perfect for any type of weather you encounter while you are doing your workout or how sweaty you get, but it’s also eco friendly made from natural rubbers produced in the forest, so you would also help the environment, nice touch don’t you think? nice tip: watch the documentary “Given” they show how humans collect natural rubber in the forest from the trees, amazing and interesting documentary to watch!

The price on stores range from USD – USD + Shipping

Right now on sale at Aliexpress: 56.67 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.



Eco Friendly Training – Yoga mat

Dimensions: (183 x 68x 0.5cm)
From the Brand: Baishengmei
Name: PU Eco-friendly training Yoga mat
Size: 183 cm x 68 cm
Thickness: .05 cm
Material: Natural Rubber and PU
PackingSize: 20 x 20 x 69 cm / L x W x H (8 x 8 x 27 inches)
Weight: 2.9 kg

ANTI SLIP CLOSED SKIN DELICATE –  This Training mat creates an effective natural barrier between you and your mat.

WATER ABSORPTION – Surface polyurethane helps with water absorption.

LONGER AND WIDER – for a looser more active liberal practice/ workouts.


5.An Ankle- Wrist Weights

Give your workout a push by adding some weight to your ankles. If you doing abs while wearing this it makes the exercise more intense and you can vary your exercises even more while using these.

The price on stores range from USD – USD + Shipping

Right now on sale at Aliexpress:  USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Ankle- Wrist Weights

6. Suspension Training System – Resistance band

The suspension training system is one of the easiest ways to work on your strength and conditioning while doing an outdoor workout, it gives you options for variations on each exercise, you can strap it around some surfaces and do your squats, push ups, body rows, abs, pull exercises, lounges you name it, you can work on strength as well on flexibility and even cardio, and above all it’s portable.
Useful tip: Get to know the basics of how this accessory works and how you have to perform each movement before you try anything more complicated.

The price on stores range from 35 USD – 129.50 USD + Shipping

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 Suspension Training System – Resistance Band 


Package Contents:
1x Strengthen D ring
1x Door holder
1x Mesh bag
2x Anti-skid rubber handle
2x Adjustable buckle
1x Extended band

Exercises to try out:

Suspension System

You can see a workout here:


7. Running Hydration Belt


This is a lightweight portable Belt. You can take your phone, home keys, money, ID cards, and even water with you. Perfect for a lightweight running session.

The price on stores ranges from 13 to 45 USD + Shipping

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Running Hydration Belt 

8. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Always take some water with me, it is important to keep hydrated before during and after your workout, this is one of my favorites…
The price on stores range from 9 to 30 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for 11,39 + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Would you add any other to the list?


Working in the training business has given me the lifestyle I have always wanted to follow, thanks to changing my lifestyle with more training, moving and eating healthier i have become a better version of myself and that is worth sharing with you, I hope I have inspired you to go training outdoors this summer and to keep the hard work on yourself, because you deserve it and you can do it! Aliexpress has made my lifestyle change easier with products that I need for getting fit for a reasonable price.Please make sure you read all descriptions and delivery times before you purchase.


Enjoy the Journey!


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