No more bulky Keys

No More Bulky Keys

Thinking of it, keys don’t only open doors to homes and places, but they open doors to people’s lives. All of us have hectic on-the-go lifestyles and sometimes it is hard to keep track of every detail there is, especially keys. How many keys do you carry on a normal day? Car keys, home keys, office keys, desk and locker keys, the list is endless and keeping them handy is an issue. They fill up our pockets, they fill up or bags and when we most need them, they are gone, then we go around wondering where did they go? I’m sure I left them here or over there! What should we do about this “key” issue? Well, this brings a great opportunity to analyze 10 special key holders based on 10 different group of people in our society. See if you find your personality match.

No More Bulky Keys _ Key smart
I want it!

Pro: easy-to-carry multi-functions key holder
Con: might be a little heavy in your pocket
The Handyman: for the multi-tasking one inside of you. Practical easy-to-use multi-function tools built into your key holder. You will find a can opener, a clipper, or a screwdriver at the tip of your hands.

No More Bulky Keys _ Pill case
I want it!

Pro: besides carrying your keys you can also carry your daily medication
Con: in case you lose your key holder you could also hurt your health
The Patient: carry your keys as well as your pills in this special design thought for those people who need to carry their medication close to them. Air tight small capsule which enables easy fit to multiple pills.

No More Bulky Keys _ Darth Vader
I want it!

Pro: Show your love for Star Wars, proud Darth Vader lover!
Con: it is a collector’s item you don’t want to take out of the package
The Dark Side: a great way to show how fan you are of your beloved saga, better said, your love for your dear villain. It is also useful for “dark” moments since it also serves as a flashlight.

No More Bulky Keys _ Car
I want it!

Pro: sophisticated and elegant design
Con: hard to carry freely in your pocket
The Racer: great sized case not only for car keys, but you can also keep your driver’s license and registration in one place. Its magnetic feature enables easy storage.

No More Bulky Keys _ Leather
I want it!

Pro: reflects your true artistic personality
Con: a little bulky and uncomfortable to fit in your pocket
The Artist: adorably shaped leather key holder which reveals your “true” artistic side.

No More Bulky Keys _ key ring
I want it!

Pro: holds all keys plus it reveals real life passion
Con: limited number of keys can be carried
The Scientist: reminds you of parts and pieces that drive your life, coils on a keychain. Lightweight zinc alloy makes the use of this holder be very practical.

No More Bulky Keys _ Compass
I want it!

Pro: will always point the correct path, north
Con: it could become heavy to carry after a few hours in your pocket
The Adventurer: you will absolutely live up to the part. For all the adventure seeking trendy hikers out there.

No More Bulky Keys _ Birds
I want it!

Pro: lovely holder that responds to loud whistle.
Con: might be petite in size.
The Grandma: just the perfect holder for the one you love, if you whistle it whistles back to you which makes it easy to find. Beautifully and ergonomically designed.

No More Bulky Keys _ Leather ring
I want it!
Pro: men and women both can carry them alike.
Con: might be too large in size and bulky to carry.
The Newlyweds: this holder locks to you like a spouse. Beautifully designed in sturdy leather and metal for long-lasting use.

There are many ways to carry your keys, which one do you prefer?


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