Top 15 Gadgets to Buy in Aliexpress

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Why spend a fortune on the things you want if you’ve got Aliexpress! Aliexpertos is back bringing you a short list of the most interesting gadgets. When it comes to tech the sky is the limit! There are endless options for all your wants and needs,
you can get anything from USB’s to speakers to tablets to monopods, to batteries and cases. You name it!

These must-haves brings us into the 21st Century in the most stylish modern way making us all feel the future times are here. Warning! you may control the world a click at a time.

Here’s a preview of the top 15 cool gadgets we picked for you from our favorite Store Aliexpress:


  1. 1. Drawing Tablet

What do you get when you cross a tablet with a drawing pad? A TabDraw, of course! Everyone dreams of being able to have the tools to directly plot their drawings on a tablet and immediately upload them. This one comes with rechargeable drawing pen.

Price : 51.51 USD

Buy Link :

Drawing Tablet aliexpress


  1. 2. Charging –  Hot

Want a battery charger of a size of a lighter? No problem! This modern designed iPhone shaped lighter USB will have everyone staring your way with envy.

Price: 8.98 USD

Buy Link :

Charger Iphone


  1. 3. Beat your Way

Does music make your day? Well, let it flow whenever this amazing looking speaker is near. This portable light weighted wooden design speaker will connect via Bluetooth to your mobile device playing all your songs while you work the day away.

Price: 199.99 USD

Buy Link:



  1. 4. Look Ma’ no hands!

Who says group pictures need a photographer who is usually not part of the take? Not anymore with this monopod that reaches a good 3ft to take your friends’ best angles without the need of taking you out of every picture.

Price: 5.82 USD

Buy Link :


Selfie Stick


  1. 5. Jam Away

Beat Away is Jam Away’s older brother in case you wanted to know. Jam Away can be stashed away in any purse or bag and still gives you crystal clear sounds everywhere you go.

Price: 18.70 USD

Buy Link :

Mini Speakers


  1. 6. Xiaomi-Pack

This awesome external battery charger that is easy to have and to carry around especially because it brings its own case. Don’t miss the chance to get one for yourself and your loved ones, no more battery is down moments!

Price: 21.88 USD

Buy Link :

batery Xiaomi


  1. 7. MacPack

Carry all of your gadgets in the most practical and fashionable manner with this MacPack which is ready to fill in and easy to carry around with you.

Price: 21.84 USD

Buy Link:


laptop bag


  1. 8. Zoom Zoom

Our favorite gadget for the little ones of the family, our adorable boys at home get a chance to enjoy this remote controlled electric car. A great gift for any special occasion. Now that I think about it even I want one!

Price: 19.99 USD

Buy Link:

racing car


  1. 9. Nice ‘and Tuck

For all your travel needs, the Nice ‘and Tuck stashes up to a dozen of your gadgets cables and cords and the satisfaction of  keeping them untangled and easy to reach.

Price: 16.98 USD

Buy Link:



  1. 10. Lights On

Looking for the best light when taking a selfie? Then this is the case you are soo looking for. You light up in seconds perfect for that special shot to remember.

Price: 10.54 USD

Buy Link:



  1. 11. Please don’t Go

Keys have a mysterious way of committing unexplainable disappearing acts but this anti-losing device will keep all your keys within reach and you never again have to fumble looking for them.

Price: 23 USD

Buy Link:

key finder



  1. 12. Sleeve up

The rainbow is the limit with these silicone cable protectors which enable you to identify each of your multiple cords and cables tucked away in hiding. No more unplugging the wrong one! Plus it protects the cable so they donn’t get ruined so easily.

Price: o.33 USD

Buy Link:

Cable savers


  1. 13. Fly Cam

Drones are the in-thing right now and our Fly Cam can get you the best angles to all of your pictures. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Price: 25.76 USD

Buy Link:



  1. 14. Scan Scan Away

Portable lightweight high-speed top of the line scanner can change your life to another dimension. No more bulky scanners in your office or home.

Price: 62.11 USD

Buy Link:



  1. 15. Protect Screen

This 3D tempered glass provides an extra protection to your mobile’s screen making it last longer avoiding scratches as well.

Price: 7.46 USD

Buy Link :



These are just a few of the gadgets we have hand-picked for you from Aliexpress. If you want to check out more Aliexpertos finds on gadgets Visit our Shop. 

Hope these gadgets are the ones you are looking for.

With Love,

AliExpertos Team



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