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11.11 Global SALE on Aliexpress found by Aliexpertos

TODAY ITS 11. 11 A GLOBAL SALE IS TAKING PLACE ONLINE from Aliexpress on AliExpertos ! And we couldn’t contain ourselves because we are getting our so needed life hacks for the season! 
From Electronics, Gadgets,  Art accessories and Tools, Workout clothes and Accessories, Home Decor for xmas, Women and Men’s Apparel,  Kids clothes and Toys, Jewelry, Pets Accessories, Gifts for him or her..did i mention gadgets like a cool smartphone tripod holder or a clever reusable coffee cup? WE’VE GOT IT.
You can buy pretty much anything you need so we have the top 32 for you today to have fun shopping on a Global scale SALE DAY!


HAVE FUN Shopping ! <3


Halloween Party Toys, Decorations and Costumes 2017

October has begun, let the halloween party’s begin!Here we have few basics for you and any member of the family. This items have been “IN” this year and of course you will love them too! We bring you The ultimate 👻 Halloween decorations, toys and costumes ☠️ …Get ready to shop BUAH HA HA HA…Scary Laugh👺👀!

1.Anime cosplay Jumpsuit Costume for Kids

Get your kids party ready with this 28 different anime costumes.
The price $18,39 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Jumpsuit Costume for Kids


2.Ghost Led Lights

Party lights that will give a nice twist to your halloween look, for indoors or outdoors.
The price $10,30 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Ghost Led Lights


3.Cupcake Wrappers

Start the baking fun for this halloween lets make cupcakes!
The price $1,62 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Cupcake Wrappers


4.Game of Thrones Daenerys Costume

Through Cosplay or halloween as a Dragon queen, get the costume!
The price $115,88 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Game of Thrones Daenerys Costume


5.Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume

Be “The Man” for this cosplay or halloween as Jon Snow from GOT, get the costume!
The price $78 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume


6.Fake Blood Bag Drink

Prank everyone with this freaky fake blood bags, you can drink and refill them.
The price $7,90 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Fake Blood Bag Drink


7.Photo Booth Prop Masks

Make your party fun with this props to make scary fun selfies with your friends.
The price $5,09 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Photo Booth Prop Masks


8.Dragon Ball Baby Costume

This year is all about Dragon Ball Z, dress your baby as Goku’s son and make him a sensation at the party!.
The price $7,18 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Dragon Ball Baby Costume


9.Remote Control Spider

Who doesn’t love a scare prank? have fun making people jump with this remote controlled spider, pets will love it too!
The price $9,25 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Remote Control Spider


Now you have this halloweens basics and can have fun combining party supplies, decorations and costumes, remember its all about the fun together. For more items like these, visit our shop.
I f you liked this blog post or have more party item ideas for cosplay or Halloween, leave us a comment bellow and follow us on social media! see you there!

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10 Fall 2017 Men’s Clothes and Shoes Must Haves

Summer is gone and fall 2017 is here! Gentlemen : Get ready, set and shop!
This weekend we wanted to give men a shout out with 10 must haves for  this season. From sneakers to a bomber Jacket, pants, joggers or a pullover we’ve got it all covered. Take a look and have fun finding what suits you best! And if you are looking for great and useful  gifts; Give one of this must have items to the men in your life.

1. Men’s Ankle Boots Italian Leather

For casual or formal events look always stylish with this beautiful handmade ankle boots.
The price $169,15 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Ankle Boots Italian Leather


2. Men’s Casual Stretch Quick-Drying Pants
This straight long pants are made of 92.5% Polyester and  7.5%spandex in Black and dark blue, for a formal casual look.
The price $ 18,11 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Casual Stretch Pants


3.Men’s Long sleeve Polo Shirt with Pocket
This Shirt is suitable for a variety of occasions,  it’s slim, breathable, made of 70%cotton 30% polyester  with pocket and buttons.
The price $ 12,99 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Long sleeve Polo Shirt with Pocket


4.Men’s Windbreaker Bomber Jacket
With stand collar,neat cuffs, slant pocket, inner bag and zipper this jacket will give you soft comfort, and permeability as well as warmth.
The price $ 46,80 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Windbreaker Bomber Jacket


5.Men’s Light Mesh Sneakers
This Men’s light laced up sneakers are from breathable mesh and rubber. Very light  enjoy walking on clouds.
The price $24,34 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Light Mesh Sneakers


6.Men’s Fleece Thick Jogger Trousers
Train outdoors or use on a casual day. this Men’s Fleece thick jogger trousers made of 100% Fleece cotton will keep you warm and ready.
The price $23,99 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Fleece Thick Jogger Trousers


7.Men’s Thick Velvet Hoodie Sweatshirt
Available in 4 different colors, This thick velvet hoodie sweatshirt will keep you warm for the season.Look casual or sporty either way warm.

The price $24,59 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Thick Velvet Hoodie Sweatshirt


8.Men’s Checked Flannel Shirt
This minimal warm  Men’s checked flannel shirt will make your season simple and stylish. Made out of cotton, fiber and polyester, with a turned down collar, available in 4 colors.

The price $16,88  USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Checked Flannel Shirt


9.Men’s Color Block Pullover Sueter
Enjoy this season with this trendy color block sweater, available in 4 colors.
The price $19,99 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Color Block Pullover Sueter


10.Men’s Boxer Shorts Bamboo Quality

Men’s Boxer short essentials for this season, they are stretchy and eco friendly, made out of  modal bamboo and spandex fabric.
The price $1,99 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Boxer Shorts Bamboo Quality


We hope you loved shopping for this items! Remember combining a few essentials properly can make you look good for any occasion.

If you liked this post, like us on FB and follow us on social media via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.Fell free to leave a comment bellow with your thoughts and ideas for this section!

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