My “Catracha” Adventure: Traveling-to-Honduras “15-Must Haves”

Travel Must Haves

As a “catracha” (A.K.A. Honduran girl) living overseas, I am absolutely thrilled about the fact of being able to fly back to Honduras. Unfortunately, flying back home is not as often as I wish it could happen, but the mere idea of having a chance to see my hometown, pick up a couple of warm freshly cooked tortillas, and walk through familiar places brings a smile to my face. I can hardly wait for my flight’s confirmation to be emailed by the airline letting me know my flying itinerary and start marking off the days on my calendar for that day to come.

Honduras, my beautiful home country set off in the heart of Central America, has so much to offer to all of its visitors. There is nature sightseeing and long hikes on stunning sites, white-water rafting and wild canopy adventures, hot-water springs and sunbathing in perfect white sand pristine beaches, lastly endless merengue and soca dancing nights along with exotic looking gorgeous men. What else is there to look forward to? Departure day!

So many adventures, so many places to go to, but so little time to take it all in. That is why I’m making sure I pack the perfect items for my “Catracha” adventure: Traveling-to-Honduras “15-Must Haves”. And here they are:

1. Spaced out leggings in different colors and sizes fun for long hiking hours!

Travel Must Haves_ Pants _Aliexpress

2. Wearing the beautiful turban is a way to keep my hair out of my face while going on a canopy adventure. It is strechable and stylish!

Traveling Must Haves _Headband_ Aliexpress

3. Hydration is vital on every step of the way, so why not carrying this sturdy water bottle for on-the-go.

Travel Must Haves_ Water Bottle_Aliexpress

4. I can’t go anywhere without my A9 Smart Watch. It is elegant, versatile and extremely handy.

Travel Must Haves_ Smart Watch _Aliexpress

5. I definitely need a portable steady hand grip for my clicker? I don’t have to look any further! My Go-pro Handle will help me take the perfect shots. Specially when snorkeling in Utila’s beautiful beaches.

Travel Must Haves_ Go Pro Clipper _Aliexpress

6. My Fearless Cheetah printed sunglasses will protect my eyes from long walks under the sun and make me look unique.

Travel Must Haves_ Sunglasses_Aliexpress

7. Long hikes and days under the tropical Honduran sun will make my face need this wooden petite cleaning brush which will help maintain my face clean and refreshed.

Travel Must Haves_ Face Brush _Aliexpress

8. Looking good is important. On-the-go Style professional and compact metallic pink hair straightener will make my hair styling a quick and easy task.

Travel Must Haves_ Sleek hair _Aliexpress

9. I can just picture mysely lying on beautiful white pristine beaches and wearing my hair up being held by these hair ties.

Travel Must Haves_ Hair Tie_Aliexpress

10. Oh “Watch my Back”! I can fit everything I need on my back beautifully! This leathery bounded pack will take me anywhere.

Travel Must Haves_ Backpack _Aliexpress

11. Am I afraid of walking for hours? Oh no, not at all! My Blim Sneakers bring all the support I need.

Travel Must Haves_ Hiking Shoes _Aliexpress

12. Please don’t tell my husband about these ones! I packed these beautiful sandals thinking of hot dancing nights.

Travel Must Haves_ Salsa Shoes _Aliexpress

13. I must call the hubby and I’m sure he won’t accept my “battery is dying” excuse so I carry this portable solar powered charger perfect for charging my mobile while on a hike.

Travel Must Haves_ Charger Solar _Aliexpress

14. Honduran mountain nights are filled with lovely stars, so I packed my sleeping tent to enjoy them.

Resistent tent - Aliexpertos

15. And guess what? I got my tent but I also brought in this comfortable spacious elliptical hammock that ensures my comfort while star watching.

Travel Must Haves_ Hammock _Aliexpress

So, here you have it my “Catracha” adventure: Traveling-to-Honduras “15-Must Haves”.

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With Peace, Love and Happiness,


Signature Melissa