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What is Alipay

What is Alipay?

What is Alipay

Aliexpress has been the answer to all of your shopping prayers. You can go hours on end browsing through all of our numerous categories and endless lists of products and we are certain you will find what you are looking for as well as finding fun and unique products you did not even know existed.

Aliexpress has brought innovative and unique products to your doorstep since its founding back in 2010 by the Alibaba Group. Our service motto is to last for at least 102 years being the core supplier of high-quality products to all of our customers around the world and connecting you to global merchants who are more than willing to satisfy your high expectations.

In order to achieve this, Alipay ( which works like Paypal) has been used for over six years now ensuring fast, easy, and safe electronic payment services to all of your Aliexpress purchases. Additionally, Alipay guarantees to make your purchase payment until you have received and are fully satisfied with your product’s order. Equally important, Alipay does not generate any additional transaction fees nor the special escrow service described above. At Aliexpress, we just want to assure all of our 400,000,000 customers satisfaction!

1. Every purchase gets a confirmation email to ensure an individualized service.
2.We will never release your credit card information with third parties.
3.100% guarantee of any unauthorized payments generated from your user’s account.

1. Fast, easy, and safe electronic payment services.
2. Escrow services, your purchase payment will be made until you have received and are fully satisfied with your product’s order.
3. No additional transaction fees.

Now you can be sure all your payments are secure,

Now you have no excuse why not to buy in AliExpress.
Visit our shop and check what’s new.

With love,

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How not to fear the Made in China Tag

How not to fear the “Made in China”

How not to fear the Made in China Tag

I must admit that when I made my first purchase I was a little skeptical about what I would get with the Brand “Made in China”. I suddenly realized the tag was underrated.

I got intrigued buy Aliexpress years ago, I found the site and I was amazed by the prices, wow they were great, photos seems legit but it seemed too good to be true. I asked myself how could you get so many things from one same site at an incomparable price?

I started to dig into it more and suddenly I started to notice that most of my things were already “made in china” so indirectly I had already bought the made in china brand and had no complaints about it.

I do like products from all around the world and I don’t only own Made in China products. What I really liked about Aliexpress is that I could get the things I wanted and still have enough money to do other things, movies, restaurant, parks, more stuff… you name it.

I ordered small things to begin with to see if they would come, how long does it take, if they would tax me etc…

Surprise for me, the items arrived; they were perfect, I was thrilled. I started to make a bigger order.

I started comparing prices and you do save a lot. At the end of the day I end up getting a great product and saving money. It didn’t make me feel cheap… I felt smart. I started to get addicted to Aliexpress and could almost instantly recognize the products in stores or in the street. It was crazy to see this happening I was like an Aliexpress database walking around.

I got pregnant and my shopping spree became bigger. I entered a big shopping center here in Barcelona I wanted to get some things for my baby who was on the way and I recall seeing a toy I really liked (of course I wanted to get all the items in the store) the price tag at the store was more than double/triple the amount compared to Aliexpress. I said to myself I rather wait one-month get the same product and save money. The baby was coming 7 month later anyways.

So I did, I came back home ordered my toys and in less than a month it was at my doorstep!


AliExpress vs Regular store price

The items were the same! Of course the one from Aliexpress did not bring the tags or box, but who cares I recycle the box anyways. You can see more baby products here.

I was so happy I got more things for him and I even decided to start my Christmas Shopping early that year. I was traveling back home soon so I needed to take tons of gifts for friends and family.

I have been shopping for years mostly getting great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and special holidays and I am in love with Aliexpress.

I am no longer afraid of the Made in China brand. When my friends ask me, aren’t you afraid that they will rip you off or the products may not be what you think, steal your credit card information, well I say… NO!

They don’t even believe me when I explain to them what it is all about. Until they give it a try.

I bet some people think of Aliexpress like….

This is not Aliexpress

When it’s really like …


Of course, I had one or two items that were not perfect but I asked for a refund and they gave it to me or sent a replacement. The communication with the stores is great and Aliexpress has your back too. You have to learn how to find the best stores, look at the reviews take your time when shopping in Aliexpress.

If you save money and get the product just as described then it’s a win-win situation for all. I introduced the site to my sister and Hubby (He figured it out from my credit card bill) and we are thrilled to start this site for you guys.

We will share with you all the information we find, reviews and become part of our community of AliExpertos. Start now and Join our community!

Go to shop and check what is new.

With love,

Signature Dalisse



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