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11.11 Global SALE on Aliexpress found by Aliexpertos

TODAY ITS 11. 11 A GLOBAL SALE IS TAKING PLACE ONLINE from Aliexpress on AliExpertos ! And we couldn’t contain ourselves because we are getting our so needed life hacks for the season! 
From Electronics, Gadgets,  Art accessories and Tools, Workout clothes and Accessories, Home Decor for xmas, Women and Men’s Apparel,  Kids clothes and Toys, Jewelry, Pets Accessories, Gifts for him or her..did i mention gadgets like a cool smartphone tripod holder or a clever reusable coffee cup? WE’VE GOT IT.
You can buy pretty much anything you need so we have the top 32 for you today to have fun shopping on a Global scale SALE DAY!


HAVE FUN Shopping ! <3


Halloween Party Toys, Decorations and Costumes 2017

October has begun, let the halloween party’s begin!Here we have few basics for you and any member of the family. This items have been “IN” this year and of course you will love them too! We bring you The ultimate 👻 Halloween decorations, toys and costumes ☠️ …Get ready to shop BUAH HA HA HA…Scary Laugh👺👀!

1.Anime cosplay Jumpsuit Costume for Kids

Get your kids party ready with this 28 different anime costumes.
The price $18,39 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Jumpsuit Costume for Kids


2.Ghost Led Lights

Party lights that will give a nice twist to your halloween look, for indoors or outdoors.
The price $10,30 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Ghost Led Lights


3.Cupcake Wrappers

Start the baking fun for this halloween lets make cupcakes!
The price $1,62 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Cupcake Wrappers


4.Game of Thrones Daenerys Costume

Through Cosplay or halloween as a Dragon queen, get the costume!
The price $115,88 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Game of Thrones Daenerys Costume


5.Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume

Be “The Man” for this cosplay or halloween as Jon Snow from GOT, get the costume!
The price $78 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costume


6.Fake Blood Bag Drink

Prank everyone with this freaky fake blood bags, you can drink and refill them.
The price $7,90 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Fake Blood Bag Drink


7.Photo Booth Prop Masks

Make your party fun with this props to make scary fun selfies with your friends.
The price $5,09 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Photo Booth Prop Masks


8.Dragon Ball Baby Costume

This year is all about Dragon Ball Z, dress your baby as Goku’s son and make him a sensation at the party!.
The price $7,18 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Dragon Ball Baby Costume


9.Remote Control Spider

Who doesn’t love a scare prank? have fun making people jump with this remote controlled spider, pets will love it too!
The price $9,25 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Remote Control Spider


Now you have this halloweens basics and can have fun combining party supplies, decorations and costumes, remember its all about the fun together. For more items like these, visit our shop.
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10 Fall 2017 Men’s Clothes and Shoes Must Haves

Summer is gone and fall 2017 is here! Gentlemen : Get ready, set and shop!
This weekend we wanted to give men a shout out with 10 must haves for  this season. From sneakers to a bomber Jacket, pants, joggers or a pullover we’ve got it all covered. Take a look and have fun finding what suits you best! And if you are looking for great and useful  gifts; Give one of this must have items to the men in your life.

1. Men’s Ankle Boots Italian Leather

For casual or formal events look always stylish with this beautiful handmade ankle boots.
The price $169,15 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Ankle Boots Italian Leather


2. Men’s Casual Stretch Quick-Drying Pants
This straight long pants are made of 92.5% Polyester and  7.5%spandex in Black and dark blue, for a formal casual look.
The price $ 18,11 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Casual Stretch Pants


3.Men’s Long sleeve Polo Shirt with Pocket
This Shirt is suitable for a variety of occasions,  it’s slim, breathable, made of 70%cotton 30% polyester  with pocket and buttons.
The price $ 12,99 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Long sleeve Polo Shirt with Pocket


4.Men’s Windbreaker Bomber Jacket
With stand collar,neat cuffs, slant pocket, inner bag and zipper this jacket will give you soft comfort, and permeability as well as warmth.
The price $ 46,80 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Windbreaker Bomber Jacket


5.Men’s Light Mesh Sneakers
This Men’s light laced up sneakers are from breathable mesh and rubber. Very light  enjoy walking on clouds.
The price $24,34 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Light Mesh Sneakers


6.Men’s Fleece Thick Jogger Trousers
Train outdoors or use on a casual day. this Men’s Fleece thick jogger trousers made of 100% Fleece cotton will keep you warm and ready.
The price $23,99 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Fleece Thick Jogger Trousers


7.Men’s Thick Velvet Hoodie Sweatshirt
Available in 4 different colors, This thick velvet hoodie sweatshirt will keep you warm for the season.Look casual or sporty either way warm.

The price $24,59 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Thick Velvet Hoodie Sweatshirt


8.Men’s Checked Flannel Shirt
This minimal warm  Men’s checked flannel shirt will make your season simple and stylish. Made out of cotton, fiber and polyester, with a turned down collar, available in 4 colors.

The price $16,88  USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Checked Flannel Shirt


9.Men’s Color Block Pullover Sueter
Enjoy this season with this trendy color block sweater, available in 4 colors.
The price $19,99 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Color Block Pullover Sueter


10.Men’s Boxer Shorts Bamboo Quality

Men’s Boxer short essentials for this season, they are stretchy and eco friendly, made out of  modal bamboo and spandex fabric.
The price $1,99 USD  + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Men’s Boxer Shorts Bamboo Quality


We hope you loved shopping for this items! Remember combining a few essentials properly can make you look good for any occasion.

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Back to School and Office Suppplies and Gadgets 2017


Finding the best most trendy back to school and office supplies and gadgets can be a difficult task to research online.We make it easy for you and have the very best for the season and they are all on SALE NOW! Enjoy!

1. Rose Gold Stationary Supplies

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: $33,81 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Rose Gold Stationary Supplies Rose Gold Stationary Set

2. Rose gold Stapler

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: $16,14 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Rose Gold Stapler Rose Gold Stapler Aliexpress aliexpertos

3.Aluminum Hub USB 4 ports Splitter

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: $10,02 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Aluminum Hub USB 4 ports SplitterOffice and School Supplies_ Aliexpress_17

4.Foldable Head Stereophones

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for:$32,61 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Foldable Head Stereophones Aliexpertos Aliexpress Portable rose strerophones

5.USB Charging Backpack

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: $80,00 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

USB Charging BackpackMultifunction-USB-charging-Men-15inch-Laptop-Backpacks-Product-Aliexpertos-foto1nologo

6.Cable Organizer

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: 3,17 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Cable OrganizerOffice and School Supplies_ Aliexpress_18

7. Power Bank Notebook Planner 

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: $31,36 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Power Bank Notebook Planner

8.Coffee Cup Stainless Steel

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: 13,96 $ USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Coffee Cup Stainless Steel


9.Sticky Fruity Notes

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: $.98 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Sticky Notes

Fruity-sticky-notes-Office and School Supplies_ Aliexpress_11

10.Marble Print Pencil Bag, Pen and Ruller

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: $.26,55 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Marble Print Pencil Bag, Pen and Ruller


11.WD 1-2TB External Hard Drive

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: $.80,00 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

WD 1-2TB External Hard Drive



12. Mini wireless Keyboard

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for:$.15,94 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Mini wireless Keyboard


13.Sharpie Markers

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: $31,12 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Sharpie Markers


14.Double bento Lunch Container

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: $14,87 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Double Lunch Box

Kitchen _ Aliexpress_17

15.Cool Thermal Lunch box

Get This  Aliexpress  product found by Aliexpertos right now for: $5,89 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Cool Thermal Lunch Box


So get ready because school just started and office time couldn’t be more fun with this seasons must haves!

For more products like these visit our shop: office and school supplies.
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7 Cool Gadgets For Vlogging on a Budget in 2017


Having the best equipment for documenting your most important and special moments or freelance projects can be difficult. Specially when on a budget, so lets see the next best 7 gadgets for making your personal and professional film and photography dreams come true!

1. A Smartphone

The price on stores range from 650 USD – 800 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product now for 509,05 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

ZTE AXON 7 Smartphone

2. Microphone for Smartphone and DSLR Camera

The price on stores range from 25 USD – 73 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product now for 19,95 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Microphone Smartphone and DSLR

3. LED portable spotlights for Smartphone

The price on stores range from 12 USD – 64 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for 7,99 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

LED Spotlights for Smartphone

4.Tripod for Smartphone and DSLR Camera

The price on stores range from 22 USD – 87 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for 12,92 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Tripod for Smartphone and DSLR Cameras

5.Smartphone Tripod- Adapter Mount

The price on stores range from 22 USD – 57 USD + Shipping

Right now on sale at Aliexpress:  17,62 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Smartphone Tripod- Adapter Mount

6.Portable Studio Light Box

The price on stores range from 49 USD – 210 USD + Shipping

Right now on sale at Aliexpress:  9,92 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Portable Studio Light Box

7.Air selfie EO3 Drone

The price on stores range from 110 USD – 1300 USD + Shipping

Right now on sale at Aliexpress:  239,99 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.

Air selfie EO3 Drone

As a result you get amazing reasonable prized equipment for $817,44! a pretty good start for your private or professional FOTO/VIDEO shoots ALL UNDER $900!

Enjoy your vlogging and photographing!



8 Outdoor Sport Gear Accessories

In Gym

Enjoying wearing an amazing comfortable outdoor workout outfit is as great as wearing those delicious trainers while working out, shopping or doing every other daily activity, because let’s accept it: they are so soft and comfortable for using them all day long!. Though there are more items that you can take with you for an outdoor workout that is both fulfilling and fun, that’s why we share with you these 8 Trendy Chic Outdoor Gear Accessories that will help you enjoy your outdoor workout experience even more!

8 Outdoor Sport Gear Accessories
1.An activity Tracker or Smart watch

If you love tracking your improvement, and or you would like to know how many steps you took to or how you are performing and burning calories throughout the day then this is a must have Gadget to get you in the mood for outdoor activity.

The price on stores range from 35.98 USD – 2000 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product now for 17.99 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Smart watch activity tracker

2 Resistance Band Strap 4pcs
They are in this summer! if you want to increase muscle resistance training with one of these resistance bands you can work on stretching warming up, booty workouts, lower body, chest, to improve muscle power and flexibility and enjoy a few variations of exercises.

The price on stores range from 5.99 USD – 10.99 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product now for 4.24 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Fitness Outdoor Gear Resistance Band 

3. Smartphone Arm Band

This sportband is perfect when on the move, it helps you take your favorite tunes while doing your cardio. A good protection is ideal when you have a good smartphone you don’t want to ruin while doing sports. Keep it safe with this amazing Smartphone Arm Band.
The price on stores range from 99 USD – 120 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Smartphone Arm Band 

4.Eco-FriendlyTraining – Yoga mat s

This amazing Training- yoga mat will be your favourite outdoor gear accessory, it’s not only perfect for any type of weather you encounter while you are doing your workout or how sweaty you get, but it’s also eco friendly made from natural rubbers produced in the forest, so you would also help the environment, nice touch don’t you think? nice tip: watch the documentary “Given” they show how humans collect natural rubber in the forest from the trees, amazing and interesting documentary to watch!

The price on stores range from USD – USD + Shipping

Right now on sale at Aliexpress: 56.67 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.



Eco Friendly Training – Yoga mat

Dimensions: (183 x 68x 0.5cm)
From the Brand: Baishengmei
Name: PU Eco-friendly training Yoga mat
Size: 183 cm x 68 cm
Thickness: .05 cm
Material: Natural Rubber and PU
PackingSize: 20 x 20 x 69 cm / L x W x H (8 x 8 x 27 inches)
Weight: 2.9 kg

ANTI SLIP CLOSED SKIN DELICATE –  This Training mat creates an effective natural barrier between you and your mat.

WATER ABSORPTION – Surface polyurethane helps with water absorption.

LONGER AND WIDER – for a looser more active liberal practice/ workouts.


5.An Ankle- Wrist Weights

Give your workout a push by adding some weight to your ankles. If you doing abs while wearing this it makes the exercise more intense and you can vary your exercises even more while using these.

The price on stores range from USD – USD + Shipping

Right now on sale at Aliexpress:  USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Ankle- Wrist Weights

6. Suspension Training System – Resistance band

The suspension training system is one of the easiest ways to work on your strength and conditioning while doing an outdoor workout, it gives you options for variations on each exercise, you can strap it around some surfaces and do your squats, push ups, body rows, abs, pull exercises, lounges you name it, you can work on strength as well on flexibility and even cardio, and above all it’s portable.
Useful tip: Get to know the basics of how this accessory works and how you have to perform each movement before you try anything more complicated.

The price on stores range from 35 USD – 129.50 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product now for 26.78 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


 Suspension Training System – Resistance Band 


Package Contents:
1x Strengthen D ring
1x Door holder
1x Mesh bag
2x Anti-skid rubber handle
2x Adjustable buckle
1x Extended band

Exercises to try out:

Suspension System

You can see a workout here:


7. Running Hydration Belt


This is a lightweight portable Belt. You can take your phone, home keys, money, ID cards, and even water with you. Perfect for a lightweight running session.

The price on stores ranges from 13 to 45 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for 12,87 + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Running Hydration Belt 

8. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Always take some water with me, it is important to keep hydrated before during and after your workout, this is one of my favorites…
The price on stores range from 9 to 30 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for 11,39 + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Would you add any other to the list?


Working in the training business has given me the lifestyle I have always wanted to follow, thanks to changing my lifestyle with more training, moving and eating healthier i have become a better version of myself and that is worth sharing with you, I hope I have inspired you to go training outdoors this summer and to keep the hard work on yourself, because you deserve it and you can do it! Aliexpress has made my lifestyle change easier with products that I need for getting fit for a reasonable price.Please make sure you read all descriptions and delivery times before you purchase.


Enjoy the Journey!


Ultimate Yoga Gear - Aliexpress

The Ultimate Yoga Gear

In Gym


We all know about the yoga leggings and tops. But there is more to Yoga gear than a good pair of pants.

These items will help you take your practice to the next level!


1. Trapeze Yoga or Yoga Swing

If you are into Aerial Yoga, which is a yoga class where you complete the poses suspended in mid-air. This swing is perfect to use in your home or even in your backyard! The main base is like a normal hammock, which is the part that you can sit on. On the side of the main hammock you find the three straps with easy grip, one short one medium and one long. You find that it comes with an slip-proof ropes and quality metal hooks. This Yoga Swing helps to lengthen and strengthen your spinal column top to bottom.

The price on stores range from 89 USD – 199 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 43.05 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Yoga Swing 


2. Acupressure Yoga Mat

The acupressure therapeutic massage mat not only helps you to practice yoga poses on this mat, it also fits in with your healthy, holistic lifestyle beyond your physical practice. ACEVIVI Acupressure Mat has 6,210 acupressure points for immediate back pain relief while the Neck Pressure Pillow has 1,782 acupressure points for neck pain relief and stiff neck treatment.

It uses acupuncture techniques for self-healing and relaxation. Acupressure shares the same lineage as Acupuncture – both are ancient Chinese healing therapies.

The acupressure sensation of this mat causes the body to release waves of endorphins which will make you feel good, releasing natural chemicals that boost your mood and also work as effective natural painkillers.


The price on stores range from 50 USD – 119 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 21.42 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Acupressure Mat 

3. Cork Yoga Mat

Lightweight original Cork Mat. We all need an eco mat and cork is a renewable and environmentally friendly. It dries up super quick and also comes with closed-cell foam backing. This makes you have a dry mat in just a few minutes after your yoga practice.

You get a great grip with cork and plus it’s antimicrobial so it repels germs. So you can practice as long as you want knowing you won’t slip.

This is because this mat offers excellent traction dry or wet, it gets grippier as you sweat. It helps to mist it with water where your hands and feet go for the ultimate traction and a slip-resistant practice.


The price on stores range from 99 USD – 120 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 14.46 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Yoga Cork Mat 

4. Meditation Cushions

Meditation cushions help achieve proper spinal alignment so we can stay centered and focused during our meditation practice. This cushion is handmade from straw and cotton filling.

Lightweight, and easy to transport. This cushion is comfortable and durable and offers such a unique and diverse look from more traditional meditation cushions.

The price on stores range from 30 USD – 50 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 9.41 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.



Tatami futon meditation cushion

5. Non-Slip Hot Yoga Mat Towel with pockets

The first time I went to a hot yoga class… wow! I was sweating like crazy. This towel is perfect for your hot yoga practice. This towel is a must have easy to throw in the washing machine and have it ready and clean for your next practice.

SUPER ABSORBENT – Made with ultra lightweight, moisture wicking hygienic microfiber.

PROTECT YOGA MAT –  yoga towels create an effective barrier between you and your mat.

NON-SLIP – This hot yoga towel has four stability pocket corners keeping it steady and slip-free, even during the most advanced poses and routines


The price on stores range from 30 USD – 45 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 18.39 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Yoga Towel

Want to practice at home? You can see a full Hot Yoga Practice here:


6. Yoga Wheel

The Yoga Wheel is lightweight making it easy to take around, it’s also sturdy and durable and can support up to 300 pounds.
The padding around the outer parameter of the wheel is made from a material that looks and feels similar to a yoga mat, this is ideal for traction (both on the surface you’re practicing on, as well as for your grip on the wheel itself).


Package weight: 1.758 kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 32.00 x 32.00 x 13.00 cm / 12.6 x 12.6 x 5.12 inches
Package Size(L x W x H): 33.00 x 33.00 x 13.50 cm / 12.99 x 12.99 x 5.31 inches

Package Contents: 1 x Yoga Wheel

Poses to try out:

Yoga Wheel

The price on stores range from 80 USD – 105 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 28.18 USD + Free Shipping Worldwide.


 Yoga Wheel 

7. Lightweight Yoga Sling


This is a lightweight portable yoga Mat bag carrier. You can take your mat easily with this sling plus it has storage for keys and ID. Perfect if you don´t take too many things with you to your practice.



The price on stores range from 50 USD + Shipping


Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 12,77 + Free Shipping Worldwide.


Lightweight Portable Soft Cotton Sling 

8. Yoga Nightlight


Just to add some decor to your meditation space or yoga studio this night lamp is perfect to add soft light anywhere you want.

The Yoga 3D LED Illusion Lamp is a combination of art and technology that creates an optical 3D illusion and plays tricks on the eyes. From afar, you will see the design, but as you get up close, you see a thin acrylic glass sheet that’s completely flat.


The price on stores range from 60 USD + Shipping

Compared to Aliexpress you get the same quality and product for: 14,26 + Free Shipping Worldwide.


3D Yoga Meditation Night Light


Would you add any other to the list?


Working in the yoga business surrounded me with great people who have a different point of view on life. I can say that all my yogi friends made my life better. Aliexpress has a great variety in Yoga Props and Items at great prices. Please make sure you read all descriptions and delivery times before you purchase.


Happy Shopping!


Girly party Ideas

Girly Glamour Party Supplies in AliExpress

Girly party Ideas

Girly Party Supplies in AliExpress

We have gathered inspiration from this lovely décor, AliExpertos Team has managed to find most of the product in our Favorite Store Aliexpress. If you want these items keep reading!



Gold and Pink Party Straws

Aliexpress Pink and Gold Straws

Drink in style with these decorative paper straws.

Each straw is adorned with a creative design in pink and gold colors to add a special touch to whatever drink you serve at your birthday party, success guaranteed!

Available in a mixed package of striped and chevron designs to beautifully match any theme.

Buy Link :

Price: 6.43 $

Free Shipping Worldwide

Units : 125

Pink or Turquoise Mini Cupcake Base

Cupcake Base ceramic Aliexpress

These ceramic mini cupcake bases give you the perfect combination with the main cake base to complete the table look.

Buy Link:

Price : 20 $

Free Shipping Worldwide

Units: 2

White Cake Stand with Crystals

Cake Base

Although this base is perfect for cakes mix it up with glazed pink donuts as the main inspiration picture shows you.

Buy Link :

Price: From 35.39 $ depends on Size

Free Shipping Worldwide

Gold and Striped Paper Plates

Gold Plates Pink Plates Party

What better way to serve your guests in! These plates are not only beautifully design but a must when serving any snack or cake.

Buy Link :

Price: 15.40$

Free Shipping Worldwide

Units: 16


Golden Lot – Paper Plates, Cups, Straws all you need

Party gold paper cups and plates

Instead of Buying one buy one here is a pack you can get all the items you need for serving

Buy Link :

Price: 108$

Free Shipping Worldwide

Units: 240


Flamingo Balloons

Flamingo Party Balloon


Very fresh looking a great compliment to this party look. Flamingos pink and cute animals.

Buy Link :

Price: 12.54$

Free Shipping Worldwide


Giant Number Gold Balloon

Number Balloon

The best and easiest way to let the party guests know how many years of life you are celebrating.

Buy Link:

Price: 1.99 $

Free Shipping Worldwide


Giant Helium filled Balloon

Giant Pink balloon

Best to Fill up with helium so you can décor with a DIY tassel to make the look complete. This way it is always up in the sky.

Buy Link :

Price: 1.01$

Free Shipping Worldwide


Gold Sequin Table Cover

Table Top


Simple and best way to cover and style a party Table, you can pick Gold as the inspiration Image or Champagne Pink as they did in this wedding.

Buy Link:

Price: 18.78$

Free Shipping Worldwide


For more Products visit our Shop

All the best,

AliExpertos Team


New Top Image

Top 15 Gadgets to Buy in Aliexpress

New Top Image


Why spend a fortune on the things you want if you’ve got Aliexpress! Aliexpertos is back bringing you a short list of the most interesting gadgets. When it comes to tech the sky is the limit! There are endless options for all your wants and needs,
you can get anything from USB’s to speakers to tablets to monopods, to batteries and cases. You name it!

These must-haves brings us into the 21st Century in the most stylish modern way making us all feel the future times are here. Warning! you may control the world a click at a time.

Here’s a preview of the top 15 cool gadgets we picked for you from our favorite Store Aliexpress:


  1. 1. Drawing Tablet

What do you get when you cross a tablet with a drawing pad? A TabDraw, of course! Everyone dreams of being able to have the tools to directly plot their drawings on a tablet and immediately upload them. This one comes with rechargeable drawing pen.

Price : 51.51 USD

Buy Link :

Drawing Tablet aliexpress


  1. 2. Charging –  Hot

Want a battery charger of a size of a lighter? No problem! This modern designed iPhone shaped lighter USB will have everyone staring your way with envy.

Price: 8.98 USD

Buy Link :

Charger Iphone


  1. 3. Beat your Way

Does music make your day? Well, let it flow whenever this amazing looking speaker is near. This portable light weighted wooden design speaker will connect via Bluetooth to your mobile device playing all your songs while you work the day away.

Price: 199.99 USD

Buy Link:



  1. 4. Look Ma’ no hands!

Who says group pictures need a photographer who is usually not part of the take? Not anymore with this monopod that reaches a good 3ft to take your friends’ best angles without the need of taking you out of every picture.

Price: 5.82 USD

Buy Link :


Selfie Stick


  1. 5. Jam Away

Beat Away is Jam Away’s older brother in case you wanted to know. Jam Away can be stashed away in any purse or bag and still gives you crystal clear sounds everywhere you go.

Price: 18.70 USD

Buy Link :

Mini Speakers


  1. 6. Xiaomi-Pack

This awesome external battery charger that is easy to have and to carry around especially because it brings its own case. Don’t miss the chance to get one for yourself and your loved ones, no more battery is down moments!

Price: 21.88 USD

Buy Link :

batery Xiaomi


  1. 7. MacPack

Carry all of your gadgets in the most practical and fashionable manner with this MacPack which is ready to fill in and easy to carry around with you.

Price: 21.84 USD

Buy Link:


laptop bag


  1. 8. Zoom Zoom

Our favorite gadget for the little ones of the family, our adorable boys at home get a chance to enjoy this remote controlled electric car. A great gift for any special occasion. Now that I think about it even I want one!

Price: 19.99 USD

Buy Link:

racing car


  1. 9. Nice ‘and Tuck

For all your travel needs, the Nice ‘and Tuck stashes up to a dozen of your gadgets cables and cords and the satisfaction of  keeping them untangled and easy to reach.

Price: 16.98 USD

Buy Link:



  1. 10. Lights On

Looking for the best light when taking a selfie? Then this is the case you are soo looking for. You light up in seconds perfect for that special shot to remember.

Price: 10.54 USD

Buy Link:



  1. 11. Please don’t Go

Keys have a mysterious way of committing unexplainable disappearing acts but this anti-losing device will keep all your keys within reach and you never again have to fumble looking for them.

Price: 23 USD

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key finder



  1. 12. Sleeve up

The rainbow is the limit with these silicone cable protectors which enable you to identify each of your multiple cords and cables tucked away in hiding. No more unplugging the wrong one! Plus it protects the cable so they donn’t get ruined so easily.

Price: o.33 USD

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Cable savers


  1. 13. Fly Cam

Drones are the in-thing right now and our Fly Cam can get you the best angles to all of your pictures. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Price: 25.76 USD

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  1. 14. Scan Scan Away

Portable lightweight high-speed top of the line scanner can change your life to another dimension. No more bulky scanners in your office or home.

Price: 62.11 USD

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  1. 15. Protect Screen

This 3D tempered glass provides an extra protection to your mobile’s screen making it last longer avoiding scratches as well.

Price: 7.46 USD

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These are just a few of the gadgets we have hand-picked for you from Aliexpress. If you want to check out more Aliexpertos finds on gadgets Visit our Shop. 

Hope these gadgets are the ones you are looking for.

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Best Bras in Aliexpress

Sports Bras | Gym and Running

In Gym



Best Bras in Aliexpress

What makes a good Sports Bra?

We all know a good sports bra can set the mood of your practice routine.
Whether it’s Yoga or running a good sports bra is an essential when working out.

It is not at easy to hold up against high-intensity workouts, sprinting, boxing and spinning, especially when you are doing it for the first time or after a very long time.

In Aliexpress you can find a good selection of sports bras. We have made a good pre-selection of the ones that can endure high-intensity workouts or calm yoga practice depending on your cup size your needs might change. Plus they have great design and style to make your look complete.

The best sports bras let you move freely, there are different types of Sport-Bras, running bra, shock absorber bra and high impact sports bras that are used to get the best support and protection during heavy works and workout regimes.

Here are some of the Bras we have picked for you.






1. Neoprene
2. Newspaper Style
3. Mesh Style
4. Low Impact
5. Zumba or Cardio
6. Back Support
7. Universe is yours
8. Back Detail
9. Seamless


I hope you like the bra selection we have made for you.
If you wish to see more Gym Products like the ones below please click here
We have more Items you may want to get.

With love,

Signature Dalisse


What is Alipay

What is Alipay?

What is Alipay

Aliexpress has been the answer to all of your shopping prayers. You can go hours on end browsing through all of our numerous categories and endless lists of products and we are certain you will find what you are looking for as well as finding fun and unique products you did not even know existed.

Aliexpress has brought innovative and unique products to your doorstep since its founding back in 2010 by the Alibaba Group. Our service motto is to last for at least 102 years being the core supplier of high-quality products to all of our customers around the world and connecting you to global merchants who are more than willing to satisfy your high expectations.

In order to achieve this, Alipay ( which works like Paypal) has been used for over six years now ensuring fast, easy, and safe electronic payment services to all of your Aliexpress purchases. Additionally, Alipay guarantees to make your purchase payment until you have received and are fully satisfied with your product’s order. Equally important, Alipay does not generate any additional transaction fees nor the special escrow service described above. At Aliexpress, we just want to assure all of our 400,000,000 customers satisfaction!

1. Every purchase gets a confirmation email to ensure an individualized service.
2.We will never release your credit card information with third parties.
3.100% guarantee of any unauthorized payments generated from your user’s account.

1. Fast, easy, and safe electronic payment services.
2. Escrow services, your purchase payment will be made until you have received and are fully satisfied with your product’s order.
3. No additional transaction fees.

Now you can be sure all your payments are secure,

Now you have no excuse why not to buy in AliExpress.
Visit our shop and check what’s new.

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Travel Must Haves

Travel Must Haves

In Travel

My “Catracha” Adventure: Traveling-to-Honduras “15-Must Haves”

Travel Must Haves

As a “catracha” (A.K.A. Honduran girl) living overseas, I am absolutely thrilled about the fact of being able to fly back to Honduras. Unfortunately, flying back home is not as often as I wish it could happen, but the mere idea of having a chance to see my hometown, pick up a couple of warm freshly cooked tortillas, and walk through familiar places brings a smile to my face. I can hardly wait for my flight’s confirmation to be emailed by the airline letting me know my flying itinerary and start marking off the days on my calendar for that day to come.

Honduras, my beautiful home country set off in the heart of Central America, has so much to offer to all of its visitors. There is nature sightseeing and long hikes on stunning sites, white-water rafting and wild canopy adventures, hot-water springs and sunbathing in perfect white sand pristine beaches, lastly endless merengue and soca dancing nights along with exotic looking gorgeous men. What else is there to look forward to? Departure day!

So many adventures, so many places to go to, but so little time to take it all in. That is why I’m making sure I pack the perfect items for my “Catracha” adventure: Traveling-to-Honduras “15-Must Haves”. And here they are:

1. Spaced out leggings in different colors and sizes fun for long hiking hours!

Travel Must Haves_ Pants _Aliexpress

2. Wearing the beautiful turban is a way to keep my hair out of my face while going on a canopy adventure. It is strechable and stylish!

Traveling Must Haves _Headband_ Aliexpress

3. Hydration is vital on every step of the way, so why not carrying this sturdy water bottle for on-the-go.

Travel Must Haves_ Water Bottle_Aliexpress

4. I can’t go anywhere without my A9 Smart Watch. It is elegant, versatile and extremely handy.

Travel Must Haves_ Smart Watch _Aliexpress

5. I definitely need a portable steady hand grip for my clicker? I don’t have to look any further! My Go-pro Handle will help me take the perfect shots. Specially when snorkeling in Utila’s beautiful beaches.

Travel Must Haves_ Go Pro Clipper _Aliexpress

6. My Fearless Cheetah printed sunglasses will protect my eyes from long walks under the sun and make me look unique.

Travel Must Haves_ Sunglasses_Aliexpress

7. Long hikes and days under the tropical Honduran sun will make my face need this wooden petite cleaning brush which will help maintain my face clean and refreshed.

Travel Must Haves_ Face Brush _Aliexpress

8. Looking good is important. On-the-go Style professional and compact metallic pink hair straightener will make my hair styling a quick and easy task.

Travel Must Haves_ Sleek hair _Aliexpress

9. I can just picture mysely lying on beautiful white pristine beaches and wearing my hair up being held by these hair ties.

Travel Must Haves_ Hair Tie_Aliexpress

10. Oh “Watch my Back”! I can fit everything I need on my back beautifully! This leathery bounded pack will take me anywhere.

Travel Must Haves_ Backpack _Aliexpress

11. Am I afraid of walking for hours? Oh no, not at all! My Blim Sneakers bring all the support I need.

Travel Must Haves_ Hiking Shoes _Aliexpress

12. Please don’t tell my husband about these ones! I packed these beautiful sandals thinking of hot dancing nights.

Travel Must Haves_ Salsa Shoes _Aliexpress

13. I must call the hubby and I’m sure he won’t accept my “battery is dying” excuse so I carry this portable solar powered charger perfect for charging my mobile while on a hike.

Travel Must Haves_ Charger Solar _Aliexpress

14. Honduran mountain nights are filled with lovely stars, so I packed my sleeping tent to enjoy them.

Resistent tent - Aliexpertos

15. And guess what? I got my tent but I also brought in this comfortable spacious elliptical hammock that ensures my comfort while star watching.

Travel Must Haves_ Hammock _Aliexpress

So, here you have it my “Catracha” adventure: Traveling-to-Honduras “15-Must Haves”.

Want to see more travel products and gadgets visit our store.

With Peace, Love and Happiness,


Signature Melissa



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